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Langola Township, MN

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Langola Township in Benton County, Minnesota

The Township of Langola in Benton County, MN was established in 1858 and is located in the northwest corner of Benton County. It is served by U.S. Highway 10 that runs diagonally through the Township and County State Aid Highways 21, 2, 12, and 15.

The Mississippi River forms the Township’s western boundary providing recreation, scenic, and environmental opportunities for the Township.

The northern half of Little Rock Lake can also be found in Langola Township. The city of Rice and a 40-acre parcel of the City of Royalton are located in Langola Township.

Agriculture is the predominant land use in the Township.  With nearly 23,000 acres, lands designated as agriculture comprise nearly 88 percent of the Township.  Due to irrigation, especially in the western half of the Township the land is highly productive for a variety of crops, even though most of the Township has been classified as having marginal soils for agriculture.  Parcel sizes are large and support a number of individual farmers.  There are a number of areas that remain wooded and have not been farmed or placed into agricultural production.  These wooded areas are typically associated with the Platte River, and Little Rock and Bunker Hill Creeks.  The area immediately north of Little Rock Lake is also considered a woody swamp and is not suitable for either agriculture or residential development.

Residential uses comprise another 1,829 acres or 7.0 percent of the Township.  Residential areas are located around the cities of Rice and Royalton, along the Mississippi River and along the shores of Little Rock Lake.  The residential units that can be found in the Township range  from small 1-acre farmsteads to 10 and 20-acre hobby farms and rural residential estates.

Although Highway 10 runs through the entire Township, there is very little commercial development found in Langola.  There is one large commercial establishment located adjacent to the city of Rice along the Townsh8ip’s southern border, and a couple of smaller 1-acre highway related establishments along the highway between Rice and Royalton.  The city of Rice is a small agriculture center with a downtown that serves the surrounding rural area with a variety of retail and service businesses.

History of Royalton and the Surrounding Area